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Quite simply, these are the very best Gardening Gloves you can buy!

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The SOFT TOUCH TM Gardening Glove is a truly innovative glove which offers an extremely close fit allied to incredible durability, and unmatchable dexterity. The palm of this glove is constructed of very high quality grain leather which is characterised by its softness and suppleness, whilst remaining highly durable. The back of the glove is made from Lycra, nylon and foam, which together with the Velcro fastening, afford the close, tight fit which helps differentiate this from other Gardening Gloves. The emphasis with this glove is very much about feel and fit, and it will suit those in search of a robust, comfortable multi-purpose Gardening Glove, with a touch of style. Also available in ladies' size.
  • The Most Comfortable and Best Fitting we have seen!
  • The highest-quality leather used for gardening gloves you will find
  • Ideal Gardening Gift
  • Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society
This brand new range of gardening gloves is causing quite a stir in the gardening world. Not only are these gloves are coming top in gardening glove comparison reviews in gardening journals, they have also received a prestigious Certificate of Merit for outstanding display at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and been awarded the top exhibit prize at the "BBC Gardeners World Live" event. So what could be so special about a pair of gardening gloves? - afterall, gardening gloves have been around for over 200 years. Well, quite simply, these are the very best gardening gloves you can buy. They represent a departure from traditional glove design - for a start, unlike most gardening gloves, which are made from industrial grade leather, these gloves are made from exceptionally high quality leather (usually only seen in very expensive fashion gloves), which is both comfortable and durable. Secondly, alot of work has gone into the design of these gloves to make sure they fit better than other gloves - and they really do fit better! The ladies versions of these gloves are particularly outstanding in this respect. Thirdly, these gloves manage uniquely to combine durability with "feel" - you will find that these gloves offer far more dexterity than other hard-wearing gloves.

There are a number of inadequacies with most gloves currently available: POOR FIT: gloves currently being sold as gardening gloves often do not fit very well, particularly those sold as ladies. UNCOMFORTABLE: many existing gardening gloves can be fairly cumbersome and uncomfortable - for example, gloves marketed as pruning gloves are often not gardening gloves at all, but welder's gauntlets or industrial drivers gloves, packaged as gardeners gloves. NO FEEL: there is limited dexterity in most of the current products, resulting in a lack of feel, because often the leather used to make these gloves is industrial grade leather which tends to be fairly low in quality. UNATTRACTIVE: the appearance of most current gardening gloves leaves a lot to be desired. The new Gold Leaf Gardening Glove range solves all of these problems, by bringing together some unique and innovative designs, made from exceptionally high quality leather (usually only seen in very expensive fashion gloves), which is both comfortable and durable.

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